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Prana, Yoga & Creativity

Yoga gets the energy body moving, and the energy body is the source of creativity. When we take new and expansive shapes with the body we are influenced to take new and expansive shapes with the mind. — Anne Cushman


Tapping into our creative flow allows us to be at ease and it opens up all the possibilities that are there for us. Yoga and meditation help us awaken our creative energy. Read more about yoga and creativity on my blog posts about playfulness and life purpose.

Creativity and exploration of what is our highest emotion, highest activity, highest calling would inevitable draw ourselves towards our dharma, our true purpose.

That’s why I offer Private Yoga for Creativity Classes. You can check them here or by clicking at the picture below.


Have you noticed that the quality of your breath can bring you the sense of lightness and can awaken your creativity?

We often think of creativity as a flow of energy.

Our breath is a dimension of prana (life force energy) and our breath pattern has a direct impact on its flow and our creative energy. The following practiceBreath of Joy’ is a stimulating, energising 3-part breath and movement exercise, which gets your energy flowing, wakes your entire system and helps you start your day off in an awesome and joyful way!

If you would like a regular practice of pranayama but you lack the discipline to practice regularly, check out my online pranayama classes here.


When our prana (life force energy) moves upward and passes through the svadhisthana chakra (a subtle energy centre in the body), it’s easier to access our subconscious. That’s when creativity can ignite. By channeling the prana upward, you can create tangible reflections of an unlimited source of innovation.

I believe that working with the chakra system as well as the practices of yoga, meditation, and pranayama are vital tools that can help us navigate this enormous change in the world and our personal lives.

Because of that I am offering an online course Yin Yoga & Mindful Nutrition for the Chakra System (in collaboration with Kashabara, Melbourne, Australia). Check it out below ;-)

I will finish my blog post with a quote:

He senses his energy, the prana, vibrating, looking for a release, either as a subconscious beast or as a conscious creator.”- Misba, The High Auction