‘Only from the heart can you touch the sky.’  



More than seven years ago, I encountered the power of love and acceptance through yoga practice. Yoga has been a way of reconnecting with myself. Knowing myself and acknowledging the personal transformations I have experienced on my way helped me to bring awareness in my life. This journey generated new discoveries and ‘openings’ that redirected my interests. My personal and spiritual growth was calling for the path of yoga teaching. My asana practice in Amsterdam led to a journey in Guatemala, and consequently to completing a yoga teacher training with the School Yoga Institute in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Since then, I've been teaching in different locations with the aim to raise awareness and desire for conscious living among people from all over the world.



The Power of Mantras (Omflow, Jan, 2021)

Yin Yoga Explained for Beginners (Omflow, Dec, 2020) 

Who Am I? The Self through the viewpoint of Yoga and the Arts (Elephant Journal/Omflow, Dec. 2020) 


Delight Yoga, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2012-2019)

Practice as a student.

School Yoga Institute, Sacha Munay, Sacred Valley, Peru (2019) - 200 hrs YTT – certified with Yoga Alliance

A spiritually focused organisation, interweaving yoga and shamanism: deep spiritual inquiry guided in the ancient shamanic teachings of the Peruvian medicine wheel.                                                                                                            

Practices: In-Depth Meditation Techniques and Practice; Yoga Philosophy; Ayurveda; Yoga Anatomy & Physiology; Native American Medicine Wheel; Kriya Yogic Cleansing; Kirtan Bhajan Chanting; Energetic Healing Practices; Chakras & Energy Work; Fire Ceremonies; Communal & Sustainable Living. 



 Yogic Breathing Techniques Workshop

Partner Yoga Workshop

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: What does Yoga Mean to You?


Embodied Philosophy: Trauma Recovery. Techniques and Perspectives from the Yoga Tradition (2020)

Yogic Studies: Yoga & Hindu Mythology (2020)

Yogic Studies: The story of OM: Sacred Sound and the Vedic Roots of Yoga (2019)