My name is Iva and I am an Art Historian, Yoga Teacher, Arts & Mindfulness

Educator inspired to guide you on a transformational journey inwards

and help you bring your unique self to the world.


We are all unique and as such we have special gifts. Creativity & exploration

of what is our highest emotion draws us to our true purpose in the universe. I offer yogic practices to help you set free your creativity and through it to embrace all the possibilities they are for you in the world.


Creativity has always been part of my life. I grew up in a family of architects

and then I studied art history and theory, arts and culture in Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. I worked on different projects in the field of visual arts and education (mostly in Amsterdam, the Netherlands). My Cum Laude MA from Leiden University (the Netherlands) led me to explore contemporary visual arts and what can they contribute to the societal issues of the present-day world, and, as a result,

my research investigates visual arts as a space of transformation.

Yoga came into my life while living in Amsterdam and it soon led me to

a life-changing experience: inspired by arts, yoga, philosophy, exploration,

movement, love, the scent of a new place I visit, I traveled through Central

& South America and completed my Yoga Teacher Training with the School Yoga Institute in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Since then, I’ve been travelling to teach yoga.

I am currently based in Spain working at SHA Wellness Clinic

and Dreamsea Mediterranean as yoga, pranayama and mindfulness teacher.


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Let’s Connect:

Email: ivabuflies@gmail.com

Phone: +31 617815756 // +34 603688832