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How mindfulness can help you connect to your creativity

“Don't waste your time, do something worthwhile with it.

But what can that mean: worthwhile?

Finally to start realising long-cherished wishes. To attack the error that there will always be time for it later....Take the long-dreamed-off trip, learn this language, read those books, buy yourself this jewellery, spend a night in that famous hotel.

Don't miss out on yourself.

Bigger things are also part of that: to give up the loathed profession, break out of a hated milieu. Do what contributes to making you more genuine, moves you closer to yourself.”

Creativity brings together different entities that already exist and puts them together in a new way, creating a new value for the individual and the society. As per the words of Z. Townesmith from Kulla Collective, someone who is creative can travel to the ‘Creator’s workshop’, decide what is relevant for them and their community, and then bring that value back to the world, applying it in new ways and freeing us from disorientation and ‘stuckness.’

When we are creative we are able to move through life with the sense of freedom. Creativity brings us sense of purpose with fluidity, and sense of direction with ease.

Everything changes and we change with it. Creativity helps us change everything too.

So, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Being creative is being at ease, fluid, open, non-judgemental, compassionate and fearless. On a personal level, when we start living from this ground we can manifest everything that our heart desires and start living our life in alignment with our true purpose. When we live our truth we are in peace with ourselves and therefore with everything around us.

On a global level, isn’t it compassion and non-judgment that we need to manage this so difficult world situation? How can we overcome separation if we are not compassionate and kind to each other? How can we go forward towards change if we don’t stop judging but start looking at the world from the space of our heart? Isn’t it our creative and intuitive self that we need to follow, so that we can courageously start moving in alignment with our true self and find within new ways of being that are better than the constructions of the past we no longer need? Isn’t it fearlessness that can help us move forward?


We are thought from a very early age that daydreaming is not serious. The problem is that the moment we hear ‘no’ to our ideas, our capacity of being in openness is shut down, no new ideas come after that. Therefore, the challenge is how to stay open instead of judgmental. So, what are these challenges that prevent you to be open and creative? What stays on your way to reconnect to your intuition?

  • Mind Level: judgement blocks the access to creativity.

  • Heart level: lack of compassion - our inability to empathically connect with someone’s else’s suffering because we want to ‘protect’ ourselves from it.

  • Gut Level: fear - fear of the transition into the unknown. Fear blocks us from going outside our comfort zone and what’s outside the comfort zone is the learning zone: it is where the magic happens!


The practice of mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, increase wellbeing and happiness and promote the thought processes that generate and explore creative ideas.

Yogic breathing practices increase the Alpha brain waves associated with lower level of stress and greater levels of creativity. Awakening prana in the body we bring the free flow of inspiration.

Yoga helps release stress on a cellular level-most emotions are held in the hips, heart area and shoulders and yoga is unique in supporting deep release in these areas. In this way, it encourages us to be real, to connect with our true feelings. It aligns us with the space within, where our creativity flows with great clarity.

Meditation and mindfulness practices lead us to the space within, where we can experience what lies beneath our thoughts and feelings - this place where our creative thinking thrives.

When we rest in awareness, we rest in creativity.

Accessing our inner world and our natural creative nature we are able to connect to our true self and find clarity on our way to start living our truth in the world.


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