‘The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.’

Lucian Freud

As an art historian my interests are in the field of contemporary visual arts and culture: art and the concept of temporality, rituality and the notion of subjectivity. I am also interested in pedagogical methodologies and strategies in art education.

During my studies in Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands I have been engaged with academic discourses that address urgent issues of the current society, such as globalisation and intercultural relations; bioethics and technological development, and the consequences for culture and society. I focus on topics, such as constitution of subjectivity and post-humanist perspectives on identity and agency, while continuing my research on the importance contemporary artistic practices have on cultural and socio-political processes.


Who Am I? The Self through the viewpoint of Yoga and the Arts (Elephant Journal/Omflow, Dec. 2020)         

It Won’t Be Long Now, Comrades! (Framer Framed Magazine, Oct. 2017)

‘The Space of Chora. A perspective on Contemporary Art’ (Leiden Repository, July 2017)

‘Byzantine Tradition in Modern Art: Ivan Milev’ (Liternet, Feb. 2016)


Exhibition ‘Others’, National City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (2018)

Participation in the group exhibition as an art theorist; presenting theoretical ideas about the impact of new media and biotechnologies in current society expressed through and challenged by artistic practice.    

Art Gallery Assistant, Kattenkabinet, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2018).

Visionary Art Gallery Assistant, Envision Festival, Costa Rica (2018). 

Art Gallery Assistant, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark (2013).   


Exhibition organiser, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2014).                                                                    

Hosting and producing various exhibitions, part of the project Lightness; offering tours to the visitors; PR on social media channels.


Teacher of History, Culture and Literature
Bulgarian School ‘SS. Cyril and Methodius’, Leiden, The Netherlands (2016–2018).                                                       
Bulgarian School Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2016–2018).
Teaching Bulgarian history, language and culture; providing professional, modern and comprehensive education; using innovative pedagogical methodologies, which enable the improvement of student’s communicative skills and socio-cultural competences; creating a culture of thinking.