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The Power Of Our Thoughts

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

'We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world' - Buddha

What is your most beautiful thought today?

Be aware - what you think today is what you live tomorrow! :-)

Thoughts may never be spoken or acted upon, but they are no less real and full of energy. We are capable of manifesting situations just by the power of our thinking of them.

My yogic journey helped me realise that we have the power to alter our reality and create our life journeys consciously.

Becoming aware of our mind and thoughts is a very important step in the process of connecting to our true purpose.

However, we may be habitually unaware of the thoughts arising from the deep recesses of the mind, which are often reactionary or produced in a state of distress. That’s why I suggest to you some positive thinking practices and a meditation to bring clarity and envision what you want to manifest into your life.


  1. Positive Thoughts. By consciously taking a positive stance in the mind, it eventually becomes habit. When a negative thought or doubt comes into the mind it must be dispelled by well-directed positive suggestions.

  2. Watch the thoughts as an impartial witness. Watch the thoughts as a neutral witness, rise above and dwell in awareness.

  3. Cloud gazing. Try laying in the grass and gazing up at the clouds. Not looking at the clouds in order to see anything special, such as patterns, shapes, or following singular clouds, but rather passively staring into space. Osho describes this as a physical metaphor of the mind: the blue sky represents the still, pure, divine and unchanging nature of the mind, whereas the clouds represent thoughts. The clouds only pass over the sky, never leaving a scar or rooting down, simply gliding by. Try your practice of thought-observation in this way.

  4. Counting thoughts as they arise. Counting thoughts as they arise dispels the thoughts. Not only can you mark your progress to zero thoughts in the mind, but you can watch the thoughts through this method, as well, and become indifferent to them.

  5. Absence of thought through yoga synthesis (concentration, meditation, pranayama, asana, all four paths of yoga).


A guided meditation to help you find clarity and envision what is in alignment with your true purpose in the world.

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Meanwhile, think again - what is the most beautiful thought you have today?


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