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Yin Yoga & Mindful Nutrition for the Chakras Online Programme

Yin Yoga & Mindful Nutrition for the Chakras Online Programme


~ a 7-Weeks Online Course ~
Seven yin yoga classes, seven creative recipes, seven days on the path to your well-being & happiness: balance the seven chakra centers in your body and nourish your body and mind through yoga practice and mindful nutrition, find your inner balance and enjoy the happy life you desire!


    The chakras - ‘wheels’ of energetic motion in our body, correspond to specific physical, emotional, psychological, and emotional states of being and influence all areas of our lives. Within these energy centers flows ‘prana’ - the life-force energy, which is all around us and within us, to keep us healthy, happy and vibrant. When the chakras are blocked energetic patterns are created and repeated over and over again. When they are aligned, our energy is flowing freely within the body, allowing us to balance our physical, mental & emotional state, making our life rich, vibrant and abundant.



    With this online course you will dive deeper into the chakra system - learn what the chakras are, how to nurture these energy centers in the body & why it is important to align them. The course offers to you the unique opportunity not only to learn but also to experience yourself the transformation in your body and consequently in your state of mind through yin yoga practice & mindful nutrition designed for each one of the seven energy centers - chakras.



    ‘Prana’, the life force energy that keeps us alive, is carried by the air we breathe and the food we eat. In order for us to feel in balance, we need to allow prana to flow easily within our bodies. That's why we offer to you yoga practice - in which you connect breath and body, and creative recipes based on foods that nurture each one of the seven chakra centers.  The course includes seven yin yoga classes: in a yin yoga class seated and lying down postures are held for 3-5 minutes. While the muscles are relaxed, the connective tissue in the body is stimulated by the specific poses. Yin yoga has a positive effect on the organs, immune system, muscles and joints. Each class works with specific bodily parts, focused on each chakra.  Additionally, you will receive seven creative recipes for each chakra. The products in each one of the recipes are healthy foods that nurture the specific energy center. Through working with the chakra system - with yoga & mindful nutrition - you can impact your life positively. Become conscious, vibrant & abundant!

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