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Art & A Conversation In Silence

Updated: Mar 5

"Real communication is beyond words.

What a single glance can convey, a thousand conversations cannot."

- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

If you want to converse in SILENCE with someone else than yourself, check out the incredibly interesting and unusual experience of Tete-a Tete Conversation – an online participatory performance by my dear friends from the artist duo DAY Collective.


Tete-a-Tete Online is an online participatory performance: an online meeting, during which 1-3 participants and 2 performers converse through drawing on themselves, in silence, using their own skin as a medium for a wordless conversation.

There is only one rule — no words. The tool for drawing is a cosmetic pencil. The participants are from all over the world with access to internet.

Besides participation in a visual conversation, people are invited to connect deeper to their own sensations, emotions and to let go of overthinking. Based upon their inner space of silence, they build up their connections to the others. In doing so, new modes of language are being explored: modes of language based on intuition, silence, imagination, sensitivity and inclusivity.

A connection beyond identity, language and cultural stereotypes through a silent conversation.



The interaction was a lot more playful than if we would have spoken through words to each other.

There was a freedom of expression and that, I think, made it possible to develop a stronger connection between us in our interaction (especially the participants who didn't know each other before the performance).


Time, as silence, granted the space of appearance of the Tete-a-Tete conversation; the space for a manifestation of the creative energy of the participants; their becoming in self-awareness; their receptivity and agency in an imaginative, unconventional and fertile process of interaction, which by itself creates, and in which originates a cozy warm creative story of the self, between the self and itself, and between the self and the others.


As an unusual experience, which 'permits' uncommon and surprising means of expression, it opened up the space to unveil the usually invisible side of our conductions - our more creative and intuitive nature.


I feel that silence was essential for this special tete-a-tete conversation, as it awarded a meaning to other means of communication, expression and perception, and enabled them to appear and manifest in the process of interaction.

Silence felt cozy, and actually not silent at all - there was a conversation going on!

Silence allowed the space in which it all happened.

Silence was the space of appearance of initiation, movement, response, creativity, wondering, smiles, laughter, connection with the self and others.