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Yoga & Nutrition for the Chakras

Yin Yoga and Mindful Nutrition for the Chakra System Online Programme

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Your 7 Weeks Home Yoga & Nutrition for the Chakras Self-Care Programme to help you connect with your inner self and balance your energy centres in the body, so that you can become aligned with your true purpose, inspired, living your true life of abundance. What are the chakras and how can they help you? In our bodies, there are seven chakras, or energy centres, that are responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind, and soul. These ‘wheels’ of energetic motion in our body, correspond to specific physical, emotional, psychological, and emotional states of being and influence all areas of our lives. When the chakras are blocked, energetic patterns are created and repeated over and over again. When they are aligned, our energy is flowing freely within the body, allowing us to balance our physical, mental & emotional state, making our life rich, vibrant and abundant. ‘Prana’, the life force energy that keeps us alive, is carried by the air we breathe and the food we eat. In order for us to feel in balance, we need to allow prana to flow easily within our bodies. That's why we offer to you yoga practice - in which you connect breath and body, and creative food recipes. You will receive: 7 yoga classes, 7 creative recipes, 7 topics and journaling exercises for reflection in your inbox. You will receive the content each week starting from 12 April 2021 (New Moon day allowing you to set your intentions!) at 10 AM CET (Spain)/4:00 AM EST (New York)/ 8:00 PM GMT+11 (Australia) in your inbox. At the end of each week, you can join a live Q&A on my FB group: Yoga & Other Stories. You will learn and experience: • What the chakras are, how to nourish them and why it is important to do that. • Which parts of the body to work on in your yoga practice to balance a specific chakra and therefore aspect of your life. • Which foods are nurturing for each one of the main chakra centers in your body. • Experience yourself the transformation in your physical, emotional and mental bodies! • Become aware of the areas of your life corresponding to each chakra and take conscious decisions about struggles in the particular area! • Become the creator of your life! Learn More About This Course in the YOGA OFFERINGS section of this website.


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