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Private Pranayama & Yoga Nidra Classes

Yogic Breathing and Yoga Nidra Practice to Increase Lung Capacity, Calm the Mind and Bring Joy

  • 1 hour
  • 75 euros
  • ES


Pranayama or Yogic Breathing is the ancient practice of controlling the breath, beneficial for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. • WHY YOGIC BREATHING? Through our breath we can release blockages in our thinking, feelings, and behaviour. When we feel worried or afraid, we hold our breath. This action takes away our vital life energy, and makes us feel exhausted and even more stressed. By breathing effectively and fully using the breath through yogic techniques, you will feel more energised, more relaxed, and a lot healthier. • WHO IS THIS FOR? As many people feel the lack of self-discipline, especially in this very moment of transition in the world, I decided to share my yogic breathing routine online and support you in creating a routine, which will help for your overall well-being. You will find accountability and support in creating a healthy daily practice. If you would like to learn about different breathing techniques that can support your desire for inner stability, peace and release of stress and anxiety, then this practice is for you. • BENEFITS OF PRANAYAMA: PHYSICAL: Pranayama strengthens the auxiliary muscles used in breathing and increases the lung capacity and blood circulation throughout the body. By exhaling excess carbon dioxide and inhaling oxygen, breath-work can enhance the functioning of internal organs and boost the immune system. It reduces high-blood pressure, and helps with sleep quality. MENTAL: Focusing on our breath sends more oxygen to the brain, improving mental clarity, focus, concentration, and attention. It relaxes the nervous system and supports relaxation, reducing stress as well as physical tension in the body. EMOTIONAL: Pranayama helps us let go of negative thoughts and emotions. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the stress and producing a sense of tranquility and calmness. It helps us slow down and identify emotions in ourselves and others. PEACEFUL: Focusing on our breath draws our attention to the present moment and can increase feelings of inner peace and stillness. Pranayama allows us the space to focus, concentrate and meditate.


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