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  • Partner Yoga Workshop
    Sun, Aug 16
    Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp
    ~What New Shapes Can You & Your Significant Other Make If You Pair Up For Partner Yoga?~ You are welcome to experience a joyful practice of Partner Yoga. In Partner Yoga each person gives support and receives benefits as the two create a new shape together.
  • Yin Yoga Night
    Wed, Jul 29
    Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp
    Come to Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp and enjoy a beautiful evening in our chill out area, where we will practice a calm evening yin yoga under the sky and the stars.
  • Breath is Life: Pranayama Workshop
    Sun, Jul 19
    Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp
    Learn about different yogic breathing techniques, which help relax the nervous system, bring clarity to the mind and create a positive and peaceful state.
  • Interactive Online Yin Yoga Classes with Omflow
    Wed, Apr 01
    Omflow Yoga
    Join me for an Online Yin yoga practice that's interactive, face-to-face, in real time and completely live: no streaming or recorded content and a Trained Online Yoga Teacher.
  • Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Classes Morocco
    Tue, Mar 03
    Surf Coast Morocco
    Join me in Taghazout for morning Vinyasa and sunset Yin classes <3
  • Yoga & Brunch at Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp
    Wed, Nov 06
    Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp
    Welcome to our Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp in Cumbre del Sol, where throughout November & December we will be offering daily: > Guided Meditation, Vinyasa & Yin yoga classes > Special classes: Vinyasa Yoga & the Chakras > Brunch at our chiringuito with an amazing view of the Mediterranean sea ✨💗☀
  • What is Yoga? Patañjali's Yogasūtras: Online Talk & Discussion
    Sat, Oct 12
    Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp
    If you would like to know more about the philosophical and spiritual aspects of your yoga practice, what is yoga & how does Patañjali defines it in his treatise the Yoga Sutras, join me for an online afternoon conversation about philosophy of yoga & life.
  • Go Let's Yoga Retreat <3
    Sun, Sep 08
    Join us in the mountains of Bulgaria, where we will hold space for you to deepen your asana practice, explore your personal seeking through the experience of yoga: physical practice, meditation and kirtan.
  • Obonjan Island Yoga & Workshops
    Sun, Jul 21
    Otok Obonjan
    Obonjan. An exclusive Croatian Island where you can truly kick back, recharge and rejuvenate. Island Magic Awaits. Flex, Om and find your inner peace.
  • Hatha Yoga & Live Music
    Thu, Apr 25
    Vrinda Bulgaria
  • Sunrise Energising Yoga Flow
    Mon, Nov 23
    Virtual by Mindspace
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