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'Wisdom in Action'

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

'Through yoga (i.e. practice), yoga (i.e. state) is to be known.

Yoga (i.e. state) arises from yoga (i.e. practice).

He who is undistracted by means of yoga (i.e. practice),

delights in yoga (i.e. state) for a long time.'

– anonymous quote in the Bhasya of Yogasutra 3.6

'One who can see action within inaction and inaction within action is the wisest among all beings.', as recounted in the Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna defines yoga as 'wisdom in action' (II.50). He guides Arjuna to reflect upon the source of his actions and find his internal center, where he is free from the fluctuations of the mind. Practicing yoga reveals how unnecessary tensions within our actions distract ourselves from our center. The training of a Peaceful Warrior begins at the moment of letting go of any external distractions and bringing our awareness to the core, to our center, to our balance, to our inner peace.

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