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Bio Art & Human Nature

The digital interactive project The Modular Body (2016) by the filmmaker and visual artist Floris Kaayk, as part of my research on the role of art in current society. The Modular Body is an online science fiction storytelling project that share the story of Oscar – a modular lifeform created from 3D printed organs of human cells and an electric brain. In redesigning the human body into an open modular system, the artwork’s narrative addresses issues such as those of biotechnological development and the impact it has on human life. The text attempts to explore in what ways this project engages with questions about the boundary between real and artificial and what does it contribute to the debate about human nature. As The Modular Body is a digital web-based artwork it relies on channels of communication, inscribed within the control of power over society, which raises the question of how it engages with the technopower that governs social relations in the current world. On the other hand, the story it narrates, is imaginary, and being positioned at the borderline between real and fictional, as it uses ‘real’ figures and ‘documents’ the entire process of the creation of Oscar, it becomes credible, which allows it questioning the ‘work’ of digitality. My text explores how The Modular Body inscribes within or contests technicity, understood as the modern attitude towards life (after Ziarek), which is dominated by power and manipulation.

The Modular Body Trailer.

The Website of The Modular Body.

For my full theoretical text on the project, contact me.

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