My name is Iva and I am an art historian, arts & mindfulness teacher & a yoga teacher, a traveler, a creative, a writer who is inspired by arts, yoga, movement, nature, philosophy, writing about visual arts and different cultures, taking photos. 

I studied history, culture and art theory in Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands and worked on different projects in the field of visual arts and education, mostly in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I lived for the last seven years. My latest study at Leiden University (NL) focused on theory and philosophy of contemporary visual arts, which is also my current academic research.


More than seven years ago I discovered the power of yoga, which allowed me to explore new paths towards achieving inner harmony. It led to a journey in Guatemala, and consequently to completing YTT in the Sacred Valley in Peru and to my current mission as a yoga teacher.

I offer:

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Classes

Pranayama Workshops

Mindful Nutrition & Yoga for the Chakra System

Online Yoga Classes

Arts & Mindfulness Teachings

Art History for Kids 

Academic research in philosophy & theory of contemporary visual arts.

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